Have you ever just needed a break from cooking and wanted to eat out! Let me guide you to some of my favorite eateries and places to definitely explore! Everything from take out to sit down to casual to formal - e komo mai - let's see what's out there!


I just love these soaps. It's made with natural ingredients. Not only are these fragrant as is but when the steam in your shower touches it permeates some of the essential oils. It has nice texture to it as well, perfect for soothing and gently exfoliating your skin. This batch was my favorite because Olena was added into the mixture. On sale now $7 a bar and well worth it.

UTAGE Restaurant

Date night with my Cub Cub after such an emotional day. Dinner first at Utage. We used to come here when we first started dating. Brings back memories. Love their miso soup! He wanted to try their pork gyoza and nori wrapped ahi. We had to get the Utage special with shoyu pork, tempura, poke, salad and chicken katsu! #7yearsandcounting #husbandandwifeteam #keliiandtehani #datenight

Paalaakai Mini Mart has the best fried chicken on island! The skin is tasty and stays crispy; the meat is juicy and tender. Before you head to the beach North Shore swing by and pick some up your spam and hot dog musubis; fried calamari; noodles and tempura!

Moke's Bread and Breakfast Kailua

Hidden in a side street of Kailua you will find a gem of a jewel called Moke's Bread and Breakfast Kailua. They have an eye candy of a menu that is sure to delight any eater! I ordered the Moku Nui Omelette with hashbrown while my husband ordered the Stuffed Hashbrown with the Mokapu Omelette and fried rice. We topped it off with their infamous Lilikoi Pancakes. Moku Nui Omelette was filled with Bacon, ham, spinach, mushroom, tomato, onions, and cheese. It was juicy, flavorful and super ono!!! The Stuffed Hashbrown was an interesting concept - instead of putting it in an egg it was stuffed in the hashbrown instead. It was filled with the Mokapu - Portuguese sausage, mushroom, green onion, and cheddar Cheese. Very good pairing actually! The hashbrowns brought out of the flavor of the ingredients. The Lilikoi Pancakes had a sweet and tart taste which was an absolute delight. If you're looking for something different - check this place out!!!!

Bangkok Chef

As soon as I walked in I connected with the interior design. This building was a former warehouse

Loved the customer service. The attendants and waiters were very attentive making sure the food was to our liking and enjoying ourselves. From the moment we say we were checked on 11 times within a half hour period. Some might did that annoying but when you work in customer service you appreciate the details.

We ordered the Pad Thai noodles with shrimp, Pork panyang curry, Papaya Salad, Spring rolls and Sticky rice. The food was flavorful, savory, seasoned perfectly with spices. My favorite part was the mango ice cream over sticky rice. That dessert was amazing!

Shorebird Restaurant & Beach Bar

Looking to breakfast or brunch in Waikiki with ambiance, great food and at an affordable price? Check out the Shorebird Restaurant & Beach Bar! This treasure find is located at the shore end of The Waikiki Outrigger Reef Hotel, it is located on the beach with views of the surf, sun and beach cuties.

Their menu boasts Ciabatta Breads, Banana and Coconut Mini loaves, Assorted Danishes, Assorted Muffins, Sticky breads and Cinnamon Rolls from their bakery; Fresh selection of fruits: pineapple, papaya, orange, lychee, mandarin orange, peach, pear, grapefruit, prunes, vanilla yogurt, granola and cottage cheese. Main entrees: Scrambled eggs, potatoes, raisin bread french toast, steamed mahi mahi, crispy bacon, link sausage, Portuguese sausage, Fried Rice; from the carving station: Honey Glazed Ham, roasted breast of turkey.

Kiilani Bakery in Wahiawa

For the BEST brownies on Oahu - visit Kiilani Bakery! These are cut in strips, perfect for eating with the perfect ratio of chocolate, fudge, nuts and sprinkled with powder sugar.

Gulick Delicatessen is one of the best places for Okazuya on Oahu. They have traditional items of tempura, sushi, musubi, chicken, noodles and patties. But they also have a range of Chinese food as well too. Parking might be a little tight but once you walk in you will be delighted by the treasures that await you behind the counter. Price is moderate but your taste buds will love you for it!

Omiyage is such a tradition when traveling away from the islands, bringing back goodies and treats from where you're traveling. It's part of the trip to make time to bring back gifts and treats for your family, friends and work. Since we are visiting some family and friends who live on the continental US that are from Hawaii, we decided to bring some Omiyage from the islands. Some of the best places for your shopping list include: Aloha Stadium Swap Meet, Sams Club, Costco, Longs, Walmart and Target. Your must haves: macadamia nuts, chocolate macadamia nuts, guava jelly, coconut syrup, pancake mixes, crack seeds, mochi crunch, calendars and tshirts. What's a must for your omiyage when you travel from the islands?