How do you doTerra?

Essential Oils are the very essence of a healthy lifestyle of every person and family. You can just about use oils for anything in cooking, air difussion, skin care, body renourishment, circulation and healing. Essential oils can have a healing effect physically, emotionally and mentally. You can apply them on your skin, inhale them or use them through a diffuser. Please follow us on social media. Visit us weekly for our updates at Hale Anuhea - my home and yours!   Check out my online store :

My dad has arthritis pain in his knees when the weather is cold or rainy. I make this mixture which works really well on him. I also ordered roller bottles from Amazon to use as a roll on applicator. After I apply the roller on the area in question, I rub my hands together to generate heat and massage deep into the tissue.

I tried this as an alternative to traditional chemical based house cleaners. I let this sit for 6 hours and shake well before using. Keep in room temperature when not in use

Mix this in the palm of your hands and massage into forehead and sinus area. Be very careful around your eyes. I normally do this twice - one after another - and this removes my headaches wonderfully!

Make this as an alternative to traditional household cleaners. This is perfect to clean the microwave and refrigerator. Spray mixture inside of appliances , scrub and wipe using damp cloth. It smelled wonderful too and took out tough food spills and stains.

What's in YOUR diffuser? Let me share with you!!!

I use this mix when my allergies act up. I rotate using Allergy Relief during the day and Breathe Deeply at night.

I use Peppermint when I am at hula practice. I apply a drop on each temple and a drop on the back of my neck. It's like instant AC blowing on my upper area giving me instant relief.

Use at night after bath. Rub generously through hair And scalp. Cover with shower cap before bed. Sleep overnight. Blow dry and brush.

I use this to soak my feet after hula in a tub of warm water. When my husband has had a long day at work, I've added this to the bathtub with warm water for him to soak in at least 30 min. It's super relaxing.