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Need ideas to spice up your wardrobe? Ready to explore the world of solid colors, prints, blending color schemes and accessories? Let's do a complete makeover! Or add to your existing fashion sense! Check out this section for ideas, tips and suggestions. Please follow us on sociaol media. Visit us weekly for our updates at Hale Anuhea - my home and yours!

How to pair your outfit with accessories.

I love solid colors. It’s easy to mix and match tops, skirts, bottoms and jackets depending on your mood for that day or the look you’re going for. How do you pull it all together though? ACCESSORIES!

If you’re a minimalist, simple pieces are doable. If you’re bold and adventurous like me – statement pieces are the way to go! Think big earrings, necklaces, cocktail rings and even bracelets will definitely make a statement! I am all about putting together a fabulous look that won’t break your wallet but will still make a visual impact.

Bold Jewelry can liven up an otherwise boring and conservative outfit or color. It can add a lot to an outfit – texture, bling or pop of color.

Here are some ideas that you could put together at a budget! You can purchase any of these: outfit, shoes, handbags and jewelry from my online store: www.youravon.com/haleanuhea .

Make your look complete!

How to choose the perfect fashion accessories in completing your ensemble.

Any type of embellishment you choose should have the impact to display your style and identity. Keep in mind that accessories come in different shapes, texture, esthetics and color. Make sure you carefully select which pieces will enhance your body shape, appear gorgeous and make you interesting.

FOOTWEAR – Footwear can be the focal point of the ensemble or compliment the look you’re putting together! Make sure to pull the dominant color from your outfit and have your shoes either match or offer a pop of color in contrast.

PURSES – Handbags are one of my favorite pieces because they can be a mobile piece of art to draw people’s eyes towards you. PURSE FIRST! Make sure your bag matches your outfit; is a shade lighter; or if different – matches tints in your other accessories.

JEWELRY – Jewelry is the icing on the cake! Make certain your jewelry is appropriate for the occasion or event you'll be wearing it to whether a casual get together, work or a night on the town. Figure out if you want traditional jewelry, handcrafted jewelry or costume jewelry. Draw a certain color from your outfit to either compliment, go in contrast for a pop of color or enhance the style with traits drawn from it.

You can purchase any of these: outfit, shoes, handbags and jewelry from my online store: www.youravon.com/haleanuhea .

DRESS UP for Power in the Workplace!

You have only on chance to make a good impression in the workplace. How you look says a lot about you, how you perceive yourself and how you want others to approach you.

For a woman in today's workplace you must come equipped with ambition, being goal driven, charisma, intelligence, eloquence and ready to make an impact. Even with these qualities, you won't make it past without the initial perception - WARDROBE and APPEARANCE!

It is important to know the dress culture of your organization. Make it a point to dress appropriately for the job you have and even for the job you want down the line. You are judged by what you wear. If you do not know what is acceptable, be sure, check beforehand! The following information will help you if you choose to become a professional or work in the corporate world, which is usually classic and conservative.

Here are some suggestions from my AVON website:


Your BEST investment - a black cocktail dress!

Black is the epitome is all of that is COOL! - it's sleek, sexy, mysterious and elegant when you wear it. On a dress, the color black makes you looks smarter, powerful and formal looking. Ohh and let's not forget it makes you look and feel slimmer because it absorbs all light. That means all the folds and bumps and curves arei less visible. That is GOLD for us girls that are thick, curvy and voluptuous. Because it is versatile and stylish, every woman should have a LBCD - little black cocktail dress. Whether you're skinny or plus - you have NO excuse since they came in many different styles. However black can sometimes look boring, bland and one dimensional. To counter all that, choose black evening dresses with embellishment and/or textured. Embellishment consist of beading, embroidery and applique while textured consist of adding lace, pleating, draping and the different in material used. Or you can pair with the right pair of accessories, handbag and heels to compliment your look overall.

Here are some suggestions from my AVON website: