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Low on time and on a budget? Let me help you explore your inner artist! We will create simple things to help spruce up your home making it cute and cozy. Check out the pics, vids and blogs below. Please follow us on social media. Visit us weekly for our updates at Hale Anuhea - my home and yours!

This is such a cute idea. Aunty Nancy Alejo from Ewa repurposes things. She took an old terra cotta pot and gave it new life with solid color and trimming with an accenting picture. She finished off the look with a floral design. I added a simple potted plant to complete the look.

Pallet art as a entryway focal point. I repurposed an old wooden pallet. Treated it with wood stain to keep a natural look and protect it from the elements. I recycled plastic coffee containers and spray painted bright colors as a focal point. I trimmed them with burlap and printed riboon to make them pop more. I lined the top of the pallet with landscaping felt to hold the flowers in. I created balance by choosing the same flowers for the ends and a contrasting flower bouquet for the middle. I choose another contrasting color overall to top the overall look coming out of the pallet top.

If you're not crafty, no need to fear - Ben Franklin - is here! I wanted a simple art project one can do even if you lack basic craft skills. I visited my favorite local craft store - Ben Franklin in Kailua/Enchanted Lake. My friend Ron lead me to the DIY section which had tons of simple projects waiting to be taken home. I had been wanting to create cute signs for my Hale Anuhea garden so I chose wisely. They had an area with wooden base chalkboards of different sizes. I chose one big and two smaller signs to work with; chalkboard pens of colors that would pop against the black background; faux foilage and floral tape. I drafted a design when I got home and then transposed it on the boards. I used a plier to cut apart the foilage and regrouped them with floral tape. I arranged them and then used my hot glue gun to cement in place. Now I have cute signs for my garden!!!

Are you looking for some cute seasonal decor already done to add to your home or office? Check out some ideas from the website: www.youravon.com/haleanuhea

Whether if you wanted Fall decor to put up through November or something scary for Halloween, we got just the thing for you.

I personally am in LOVE with the purple Fall Leaves ceramic plates.